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Our Roots

In 2010, Aaron Flake became an employee of the largest health insurance company in the country - United Health Group.  There he learned the basics of medicare and how to help clients navigate what can be a complicated issue.  After a year, he stepped out and became and independent broker, offering all the major plans one can purchase in Idaho.

Since then the agency has grown to 5 additional brokers who are highly qualified to advise clients and give Medicare presentations.  Our agency is licensed in the states of Oregon, Washington, Utah, Texas and Arizona.  It services individuals, many small business, and school district and municipalities with retirees coming off their insurance plans. We offer products besides just Medicare insurance plans including, but not limited to, under 65 health insurance, dental, vision, hearing, final expense and cancer/heart attack/stoke policies. 


How Do we help clients?

 What is the benefit of having a Medicare Health broker/advisor? There are many Medicare advantage plans in the Treasure Valley, even more part D drug plans and Medicare supplements in Idaho.  In a fraction of the time it would take a new Medicare participant to sift through all the literature from Medicare and the insurance companies, my team and I can narrow down the plan that is right for you based upon the network, prescriptions you take and tolerance for premium and copays. And all this is at no cost to you since I am compensated by the insurance companies.  

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